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Angry Farmers 

A multiplayer action game where players compete to grow their crops and cut others, on a extremely fertile piece of land.

Team: 5

Role: Game Designer, 3D Artist

Timeline: 48 hours

Event: G.I. Jam (University of Waterloo)


A four-player competitive physics-based party game where you play as an angry farmer and try to grow as many crops as you can. The farmers are fighting for the most fertile land around. Sabotage other farmers by chopping down their crops. To maximize efficiency, farmers spin around in an angry craze to plant seeds and cut opponent crops as quick as possible.

Dual Purpose Design

The controls are simplified so that the left analog is used to move the character. Depending on the phase, the player rotates the right analog stick to spread seeds or cut down opponents grass.


Simplified Game Loop

Game Loop.png
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