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LightFarm is a game with physical interactions that teaches sustainable farming practices. Through the use of a custom touch-based alternative controller, you can explore and maintain a small farm.


Role: Game & UX Designer, Visual Designer

Timeline: 8 Months

Tools: Unity, C#, Maya, Photoshop, Projection-Mapping

Gameplay Pitch Video


  • Gameplay Design - pitched, prototyped and scripted game mechanics that focused on farming, micro-interactions, and player decisions. Contributed to developing the core gameplay loop, key education points, etc. 

  • Level Design - designed digital 3D environment layouts that could best leverage projection-mapping technology. Provided different “biomes” for the player to explore. 

  • Visual Art Direction - asset creation, style guidelines to fit a “three-dimensional screen”, setting up a visual art target and production-pipeline. 

  • UX - conducted playtest sessions to assess the accessibility of the experience. Constant iterations were conducted to determine that the actions players perform on the board are natural and simple for those who may be tech-illiterate.

Design Challenge

"How might we create an engaging and accessible gameplay experience that teaches farmers from third-world countries about sustainable farming practices?"

Core Features

How Does It Work? 

Gameplay Images


Prototyping & Development


That's all for now! Stay tuned in the near future, where I break down the design process, gameplay systems, etc. 😊

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