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Built By Snowman 

Interned at Snowman for 4 months as a Technical Game Designer. Made significant contributions towards the pre-production process of an unannounced game at the studio. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Pitching: proposed and pitched new features to build out the narrative and world

  • Gameplay Design/Prototyping: designed and built new mechanics that supported the core game pillars and the target user experience.

  • Level Design: blocked out compelling spaces and environments that a player can interact with. Designed and developed levels that portray a specific emotion and experience from the player.

  • Technical Art/ Asset Creation:  produced shaders and tools that were used to translate the Art Director’s concept art to the game engine. 

What was my impact on the project? 

  • Implemented Multiple Functional Levels: Through design exploration and working closely with the Design Director, the content I produced supported the game pillars and enhanced the existing experience of the game. 

  • Vision for Future Content: Helped to shape the target vision for future content that related to gameplay, levels and narrative.

  • Art Pass to Greybox Levels: Collaborated with the Art Director and Environment Artists to take my greyboxed levels and add the first pass of visual art.  

What Games Does Snowman Make? 

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