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Hidden In Plain Sight 

Team: Solo Project   //    Tools: Unreal Engine 4,  Maya    //    Timeline: 4 Months

AAA Open-World Campaign Mission set in London, England where you infilitrate a secure facility and steal schematics for a robot prototype.

Design Challenge - Given By Ubisoft Toronto

“Your mission takes place in a futuristic city where robotic security systems are commonplace. The player’s goal is to reach an objective that is deep within a facility protected by one such security system”.

Gameplay Video


  • AAA Campaign Mission Design: Designed, pitched and prototyped a mission from paper concept to playable experience

  • Documentation: Level maps, mission pacing diagrams, etc. ​

  • Blockout: Used Maya and Unreal Engine to block out the 3D level layout.

  • Integration of Gameplay Elements: Tuned Al combat encounters, event triggers,  player collectables, etc.

  • Custom Gameplay Scripting/ Puzzle Design: Used UE4 blueprints to script custom gameplay systems for interactive puzzles and memorable moments in the level. 

Core Design Challenges

Core Design Challenges.png

My Approach

How did I tackle them.png

The Design Process

1.  Mission Design
2. Level Blockout
3. Exotic Gameplay

Mission Design

The Birtish Library Reference.png

Mission Narrative

The British Library, situated in London, England, is one of the largest libraries in the world. In the future, it is purchased by a corrupt communication and security company called Val-Tech.


Intel suggests that they have used the library as a front and Val-Tech has repurposed its underground book archives into a high-tech research facility. Sophia Bailey, a controversial AI researcher, has been spotted multiple times walking in and out of the premises. Your trusted source says that she has been funded by Val-Tech to develop an experimental military AI robot. 


The player's goal is to infiltrate the library and retrieve the robot along with its schematics before it gets into the wrong hands!

Mission Flow 

Map Layouts

Visual References

Level Blockout

Revisions and Playtesting

Playtest 1.png
Playtest 2.png

Exotic Gameplay

Puzzle Sequence - The King's Betrayal Exhibit

Puzzle Goal: players are tasked to find the correct sequence to unlock the hidden passage by manipulating a laser beam that gets reflected off of mirror surfaces.

Extraction Sequence: Kill Lasers

Upon receiving the schematics and robot drone prototype, you get double-crossed by a fellow agent and the basement ceiling collapses which reveals the hidden trap of Kill Lasers!

Full Level Walkthrough

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