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Far Cry 6

Team: Ubisoft Toronto    //    Role: Level Designer    //    Timeline: 3 Months

During my short time at Ubisoft, I owned and made significant contributions to enhance the open world guerilla activities. I was in charge of designing and bringing to life races, from rough prototypes to polished visceral experiences.

Breaking Design Conventions

Up to this point, races in Far Cry Franchise were a cut-and-dry formula: get to a checkpoint before the timer runs out. I strived to innovate this activity by squeezing as much fun from the technical constraints as i could!

Design Innovations - Embracing the“Guerrilla” Mindset

Drive through "Active" Military Outposts

No precedent before - the concept of aggressively moving through outposts during a race. It matched with core pillars of the game where the player should be free and rebellious against a authoritarian government.  It was pitched to directors and I collaborated with cross-disciplinary teams to ensure it would be integrated into the game. 

For Example,  the player crashes through a old military controlled mill. Once the enemy catches wind, they can swiftly make their escape be going through a culvert.

Create a Journey & Core Identity For Each Race


In the Croco Taxi Race - I had a vision to take the player on a "crazy-taxi" tour of a Yaran town. It was important to highlight the dichotomy between the affluent and poor areas. Finally, all the mayhem and chaos ultimately led to the player hurdling towards the end of a airport runway.

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Cinematic Finishes

Adding wild surprises to the races gives a opportunity for players to create a memory that they can cherish! For Example, at the end of the horse race - it bucks you off when you start approaching the river!

Full Race Walkthroughs

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